Notice of Availability: The NBWRA is proposing Phase 2 of the North Bay Water Recycling Program to continue increasing the beneficial use of recycled water. Public Information meeting dates can be found here.
Aviso de la Disponibilidad: El NBWRA propone la Fase 2 del Programa de Reciclaje de Agua de North Bay para continuar aumentando el uso beneficioso del agua reciclada. Información Pública y las fechas de las Reuniones Públicas de Alcance se pueden encontrar aquí.

Phase 2

The NBWRA is conducting investigations that support Phase 2 planning, engineering, environmental analysis, funding development, and formal public review.

Welcome to the North Bay Water Reuse Program website. This is a regional water recycling and management initiative covering 315 square-miles in the portions of Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties that surround the northern rim of the San Francisco Bay. The NBWRP is a coordinated effort of 10 municipal, water and sanitation agencies working together to address water supply shortages from a watershed perspective by investing in diverse projects that offset potable demand throughout the region.