Costs and Funding

Model for Regional Water Recycling Programs

Phase 1 is comprised of a $104 million in project construction costs.  These local dollars are leveraged with federal and state grants to make a Program of this scale implementable by member agencies.

The NBWRP also is a model for regional collaboration.  Municipal, water and sanitation agencies work together to create value and realize benefits through economies of scale on several levels;

  • Providing access to funding and expertise not normally available to small agencies,
  • Sharing the costs of planning, engineering and environmental studies and,
  • Creating the ability to jointly leverage state and federal funding.

This comprehensive regional Program also provides members a viable approach to jointly meeting local, state and federal water resource management objectives and regulatory requirements.

Funding Profile for the $104 million in Phase 1 Projects

$25 million in authorized Federal assistance through the US Bureau of Reclamations Title XVI Program – To date, the NBWRP has received $20.15 million in grants under this program

$5.8 million in State of California’s Proposition’s 50 and 84 funding received to date

$73.2 million in local agency contributions