Phase 2 Information

Notice of Preparation: The NBWRA is proposing Phase 2 the North Bay Water Recycling Program to continue increasing the beneficial use of recycled water. Public Information and scoping meeting dates can be found here.
Aviso de Preparación: El NBWRA propone la Fase 2 del Programa de Reciclaje de Agua de North Bay para continuar aumentando el uso beneficioso del agua reciclada. Información Pública y las fechas de las Reuniones Públicas de Alcance se pueden encontrar aquí.

Phase 2: Options Being Studied

Vineyard Storage PondThe NBWRA is conducting investigations that support Phase 2 planning, engineering, environmental analysis, funding development, and formal public review.  It is expected these activities will take place in from 2015 through 2018.

Storage is Key to Phase 2

Year-round carryover storage is critical.  Phase 2 projects have the ability to capture and store over 25,000 AFY of recycled water which will require construction of 6,100 AF of new storage capacity. Phase 1 projects delivered a total of 5,500 AFY and with the Phase 2 projects under consideration, the NBWRP could deliver a permanent, reliable supply of over 30,000 AFY to build resiliency into the region’s water supply and assist with drought mitigation.

Phase 2 has multiple projects under consideration and not all of them will move forward with project level analysis.  Examples of these include:

Summary of Phase 2 Projects

Marin Municipal Water District

  • Primarily distribution of recycled water for urban uses

Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District

  • Expansion of treatment facilities to treat up to 5.4 mgd of tertiary treatment
  • Additional Storage: integrate levees for conjunctive uses including flood control and protection from sea-level rise
  • Surface and stormwater capture for treatment and recycling
  • Environmental enhancement: Create wetland habitat in conjunction with Marin County projects

Novato Sanitary District

  • Construct integrated, multi-purpose projects for storage, recycled water management, and environmental restoration, including:
    • 248-acre recycled water storage wetland
    • Creation of transitional brackish marsh to restore tidal prism and provide habitat enhancement
  • Increase wastewater treatment to meet demands as they are defined
  • Expand recycled water distribution system for urban uses

City of Petaluma

  • Increase capacity of tertiary treatment to 6.8 mgd
  • Build additional storage
  • Expand capacity of oxidation ponds for storage
  • Expand recycled water distribution for agricultural/urban uses
  • Offset agricultural well pumping by serving recycled water for agricultural irrigation

Sonoma County Water Agency

  • Develop aquifer storage recovery projects for surface and stormwater to address groundwater salinity intrusion and improve groundwater recharge.
  • Explore locations for private recycled water storage in Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Valley Co. San. District

  • Explore locations for recycled water storage in Sonoma Valley through potential partnerships
  • Expand recycled water distribution system for landscaping and agriculture uses

Napa Sanitation District

  • Expand recycled water distribution system for urban uses
  • Increase treatment capacity by 1.7 mgd
  • Build additional storage including tanks, covered storage, and/or seasonal storage (i.e., new and/or expanded ponds)