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Governor releases proposed state budget:

The Governor has just released his proposed 2017-18 budget

Section of summary pertaining to water

In his speech, the Governor talked about the continued need to reserve and save money. Governor Brown said California would have had a budget deficit, if we did not have the benefit of the initiatives that we passed and the fiscal savings. He stated, “the highs are always followed by the lows.” Additionally, the Governor also mentioned a few other highlights: including the need to have the Legislature approve cap and trade, continue to address pension costs, and the importance of addressing the state’s housing crisis.

Specific to water, the Governor continued to highlight the drought and how conditions have not improved enough. He also reiterated the need to continue the conservation regulations – and he pointed to the continued regulatory and legislative process that will lay out the new standards for water agencies. The Budget also includes an additional $178.7 million of one‑time resources for to reflect current drought conditions – including drought response, local assistance for small communities, and water rights management. The proposed budget also provides $5 million to DWR to provide emergency drinking water support for small communities by working to develop additional water supplies. 

While no additional resources are proposed specific to recycled water, the Governor does propose an appropriation of $248 million Proposition 1 funding for DWR for integrated regional water management program. 

Senator Hertzberg’s office has informed CASA he will not be pursuing ocean discharge reduction-related legislation this year.  

As you will recall, this is a change from Senator Hertzberg’s letter a few months ago, where he indicated he would resume ocean discharge mandate-related efforts in 2017.

Additionally, Senator Hertzberg’s office indicated  to CASA they will be looking at potential Prop. 218-related changes (overall) and will likely also explore other ways to incentivize recycled water use.

NBWRA Phase 2 Notice of Preparation Availability

Notice of Preparation: The NBWRA is proposing Phase 2 the North Bay Water Recycling Program to continue increasing the beneficial use of recycled water. Public Information and scoping meeting dates can be found in this PDF.

NBWRA Phase 2 Scoping Study Summary Report now available

The North Bay Water Reuse Authority’s (NBWRA) Phase 2 Scoping Studies have been conducted to assist the Member Agencies in determining whether to proceed with feasibility-level engineering analysis, environmental documentation, and financial analysis for Phase 2 of the North Bay Water Reuse Program (NBWRP or Program). The NBWRA initiated Phase 2 Scoping Studies to explore, at a conceptual level, how to build on the NBWRP’s Phase 1 success to further develop additional water supplies, therefore expanding water supply and management opportunities in the region. Although the Scoping Studies were conducted by the NBWRA, the process was developed with input and financial assistance from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Mid-Pacific Region.

Bureau of Reclamation Releases “WaterSMART: A Three-Year Progress Report”

The Federal Bureau of Reclamation, which awarded $3.8 million to two North Bay projects that will recycle up to 2,700 acre feet of water per year for beneficial uses in agriculture, irrigation and habitat restoration, has released a three-year progress report on its WaterSMART program.

Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 2011

NBWRA Program Overview – Summer 2105